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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Attorney in Boston

   It's intimidating to be charged with a crime. The odds are stacked against you, it’s stressful, and the outcome can have devastating consequences on your life. 


    Whether you have a traffic ticket or are charged with something more serious, you need a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney.  Massachusett’s criminal laws are complicated, so a good criminal lawyer can mean the difference between prison and probation, a felony record or having no criminal record at all


    I went to law school to become a criminal defense lawyer and have focused on it ever since.  This means I have worked to learn the ins and outs of Massachusett’s criminal laws to make sure we consider all your options and secure the best possible outcome.

    My office is in Boston, Massachusetts, but I handle criminal cases in all Massachusetts courts.  Schedule a free consultation at Matthew W. Peterson, Attorney at Law today by calling (617) 356-8217.

I have experience getting not guilty verdicts, getting criminal cases dismissed,  and getting cases reduced to misdemeanors.  If you've been arrested for a crime, call me today and set up an appointment.


An Experienced Criminal Lawyer to Fight for You

    I have argued in court to get cases dismissed and reduce felonies to misdemeanors.  I have tried cases to a jury and gotten not guilty verdicts.  I have the experience it takes to fight and win your criminal case.


    It's your case and your life.  I will listen to you, explain all of your options, and give your case my full attention.  I’ll take your case personally and make sure you’re fully informed and involved in the process.


   I have experience in representing people charged with:


    If you or a member of your family are charged with a crime, give me a call at 617-356-8217.  Let’s get to work.

    I am a criminal defense attorney located in Boston, Massachusetts.  I handle criminal cases in all Massachusetts courts.

More Practice Areas:

A courtroom can be an intimidating place without a compassionate criminal defense attorney.  If you hire me, I will stand with you and fight for you in the courtroom, from arraignment all the way to trial if necessary.  Call me today, and let's get started on your defense.

OUI criminal attorney boston mass massachusetts

If you find yourself charged with OUI, you need a criminal defense lawyer who knows the possible defenses to driving under the influence and can help defend you from the consequences.  

I have gotten personal recognizance for my clients who have been stuck in jail unable to make bond.  Getting out of jail prior to trial can be one of the most important parts of representing someone charged with a crime.


Having a good criminal lawyer can make the difference between ending up in jail, getting probation, or getting your case dismissed.


The Right Strategy to Win Your Criminal Case

    Pleading guilty is not a strategy but the last resort.  You deserve an attorney who will fight for the best possible resolution to your case. 


    I will look at your case and formulate the best strategy to put you in the best position.


    This could mean investigating your case -- knocking on doors, finding witnesses, and marshaling all the evidence in your favor.  Investigating new technology such as social media and telephone records can be just as crucial as simply talking to the witnesses as well.

    It could also mean arguing the law to the judge.  Filing the right motion to exclude evidence against you, a motion to suppress, or a motion to dismiss can make the difference between winning your case and getting convicted.  Fighting to reduce your bond, including getting a signature bond, or remove restrictive bond conditions can be vital parts of the strategy as well.


   It can also mean negotiating with the prosecution to get you the best possible deal if you plead guilty.  It's important to get a lawyer who has good relationships with the prosecutors for that reason. 


   I'm also not scared to take your case to trial if that's the best choice for you.  Having a lawyer who knows what objections to make and when can make the difference between winning or losing your case or even getting it overturned on appeal.

   I also have extensive experience representing people at clerk's magistrate hearings.

I can even help with simple traffic tickets.  Some traffic citations, such as reckless driving and speeding, can mean jail time, so it's important to hire an attorney to fight for you and negotiate with the prosecution.  Other tickets can mean a suspension of your driver's license.

More Information on Criminal Defense in Massachusetts

    For more information on criminal defense law, see my blog posts below: