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Criminal Appeals

Criminal Appeals Attorney in Boston

    If you've been convicted of a crime or had your probation revoked, it may seem like the end of the line.  Maybe you were treated wrongly by a judge or jury.


    Fortunately, you still have options - an appeal.  You need an experienced criminal appeals attorney to help.


    A criminal appeal claims that the trial court made the wrong decision in your case.  This means that if the judge gave you an illegal sentence, was unfair to you in their rulings, or did something else illegal, another court reviews it.


   It's a long process that generally takes months.  It involves filing briefs to multiple courts and can be extremely complicated.


   I have experience in handling many types of criminal appeals, including appealing murder cases, robbery cases, probation revocations, and capital cases.  I have filed briefs in both the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals and the Alabama Supreme Court.  I have challenged life sentences, long prison sentences, and death penalty sentences.

   I handle criminal appeals in both Massachusetts and Alabama.

   If you need a lawyer to help with your criminal appeal, call me today at 617-356-8217, and let's get started on your case.  


If you file an appeal in Alabama, the first step is the Court of Criminal Appeals.  A criminal appeals attorney will file briefs on your behalf and possibly make oral argument.

Criminal Appeals Lawyer Who Will Fight for You

    If you want to file an appeal, you need to start now.  You have 42 days from your sentencing to file a criminal appeal in Alabama.  


   My philosophy is to bring up every possible legal error in your case.  This is a highly technical process that involves extensive legal research and careful review of all aspects of your case. 


   Even if you think you don't have any grounds to appeal, we may be able to find something to fight your case.  Criminal appeals are difficult and time-consuming, but I'm not afraid to put in the work to find every possible ground to appeal your conviction.


   Once you file the appeal, we begin by getting the transcript from the Court.  This means paying the court reporter to get the record of what happened in your case, and filing the necessary paperwork in the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals.  It can take several months to get the record on appeal.


    After we get the record on appeal, we will review it and file our brief to the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals.  Then, the State can take several months to file their response.  After that, we can file a reply brief.


    If the court chooses to, they can allow oral argument, which means your appeals attorney will get the opportunity to argue your case directly to the judges.  After that, the Court makes a decision.


   If the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals rules against us, the case isn't over.  We can still apply for another appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court in a process called a writ of certiorai.  


   If you need to appeal your criminal case, call me today at 617-356-8217 and let's get started fighting your case.

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