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You Need a Lawyer if You're Arrested for OUI

    If you're charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Operating Under the Influence (OUI), it's important to find a lawyer immediately to help you, even before you're scheduled for court.


    A Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charge can lead to anything from a fine to jail time.  It almost always includes a suspension of your driver's license and could include an ignition interlock device.  


    DUIs are also highly technical, with complicated rules on when some evidence can be admitted and when you can even be convicted.  


   An experienced OUI attorney can navigate these rules and help you achieve the best possible outcome.  Even if you think you're guilty with no defense, I can sometimes find defenses you didn't even know you had.


    Schedule a free consultation at Matthew W. Peterson Attorney-at-Law today by calling (617) 356-8217, or schedule an appointment at his office at 45 Bromfield Street, Fifth Floor in downtown Boston near Downtown Crossing.

Having the right OUI attorney can mean the difference between jail time and fines or getting your charges dismissed.  I have the right experience to help you get the right results in your OUI charge.

Act Now to Avoid a Driver's License Suspension

    If you refused to blow into the breathalyzer or tested above the legal limit, you only have 30 days to request a hearing on the suspension of your driver's license.


    I have experience in driver's license suspension hearings for immediate threat and other reasons.  Because these hearings are time-sensitive, it's critical to contact a drivers license suspension attorney as soon as you receive a notice of your license suspension.  

    Call me today at 617-356-8217, so we can request this hearing and get started on your defense.

OUI Resources

If you've been charged with an OUI, suspension of your driver's license may be an immediate and serious consequence.  An OUI attorney can help reduce your driver's license suspension and prevent further suspensions.  

Consequences of a Mass. OUI Conviction

   If you're charged with an OUI in Massachusetts, the first offense generally will not result in jail time, assuming there was no wreck or other extreme circumstances.

    This does not mean that a first-time OUI in Massachusetts does not carry serious consequences.  You need an OUI attorney even on a first OUI arrest.

   An OUI arrest can carry the possibility of a driver's license suspension, alcohol or drug treatment, jail time, probation, and other consequences.  

  I'm not afraid to go to trial on an OUI charge and fight to defend your rights.  Many OUI charges can be defended in a jury trial, with motions to suppress, and even motions to dismiss.  You do not have to settle for an offer from the Commonwealth for a continuance without a finding (CWOF), a 24D program, or probation.  

   If you did not drive under the influence, I am not afraid to take your case to trial and fight for a not guilty verdict.  We will evaluate the evidence against you and make the decision together.  Although you get to make the final decision, I am committed to giving my clients the best possible advice in deciding what to do with their case.

    An OUI can be defended either in a jury trial in front a jury of six people in district court or a bench trial in front of a judge.  The path that's right for you depends on your specific situation, including the evidence against you and the court you were arrested in.  An experienced OUI attorney can help you defend your OUI charge and minimize the serious consequences.

    If you have been charged with an OUI in any Massachusetts court, you deserve an OUI defense attorney who will communicate with you, fight for you, and knows what they're doing.  I defend OUI charges in all Massachusetts courts and will not hesitate to fight for you.  Call me today at 617-356-8217, and let's get started on your defense.

A DUI charge can haunt you for years to come, with onerous fines, restrictions on your driver's license, and even jail time.  A lawyer can help minimize the effects of a DUI charge or even possibly get it dismissed.

OUI Lawyer Who Can Win Your Case

    An OUI charge is generally filed in district court.  I have experience handling and trying OUI cases.  I have gotten DUI cases dismissed and reduced.


    I know what questions to ask, what strategy to take, and what arguments to make to get you the best possible result.  Sometimes this means highly technical arguments to avoid some of the harsh penalties for OUI, such as the ignition interlock or increased fines.  Other times, it can mean making the right argument to win your case or get the charges dismissed.​


   Even when you're not represented by an attorney, some prosecutors will offer deferred prosecution, 24D programs, or CWOFs that may seem enticing, but it's important to be careful.  If you complete the steps, your OUI charges would be dismissed.  However, if you fail to complete the steps or pay the money, you would have already pleaded guilty.  It could also mean you would not get the same deal the next time.  I can help you determine what the best options for you are in your circumstances.

More Practice Areas:

Massachusetts OUI Attorney - The Arrest

   If you're pulled over and the officer suspects you're operating under the influence of alcohol, it can happen very fast, but the steps are crucial.


   First, the officer can ask you to perform field sobriety tests.  These are tests such as the walk-and-turn, one-leg-stand, and horizontal-gaze-nystagmus (HGN) that the officer will perform on the side of the road.  You have the right to refuse these tests, and your refusal to take a field sobriety test cannot later be used against you in trial.  This means that the Commonwealth cannot introduce the fact that you refused to complete the tests to the jury to suggest that you were actually under the influence.


   If the officers suspect that you're under the influence of another drug, they can bring in a drug recognition expert, who's trained to recognize signs of drug use.    

    Second, you can be arrested.  This means your car will be searched, you will be searched, and you will be booked.  This does not mean that you will spend time in jail - many OUI charges result in release.  However, your car could be seized.  

    Third, you could be asked to complete a breath test, known as a breathalyzer.  Refusing to submit to a breathalyzer will mean your license will be suspended, but it also denies the Commonwealth crucial evidence against you later. 


   If you do blow over the limit, your case is not over.  There are also many technical ways to exclude a breathalyzer result, so it's critical to hire an experienced Massachusetts OUI attorney even if you had a breathalyzer result that's over the limit.  

   To convict you of OUI, the Commonwealth must prove that you operated a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol on a public way.  All of these elements have technical meanings, so contact an OUI lawyer immediately if you're arrested.  You could have a defense to your OUI arrest.

    An OUI arrest can be intimidating and stressful.  If you're arrested for OUI, you need to call an OUI attorney as soon as possible to get started on your defense.  I defend OUI cases in all Massachusetts courts.  Call me today at 617-356-8217.

An OUI arrest can be frightening.  However, it does not have to ruin your life.  A first-time OUI arrest will generally not mean jail time, but this does not mean it doesn't carry serious consequences such as a driver's license suspension, probation, and maybe even consequences for your job.  It's critical to hire an experienced Massachusetts OUI attorney immediately if you're arrested for OUI.

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