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If you need an immigration attorney for anything from a removal proceeding to a simple application for a visa, call me today and set up an appointment.

How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help You

   While the paperwork necessary to get your green card, become a U.S. citizen, or get a visa may seem simple, there are many hidden pitfalls waiting to trap you.


    You need an immigration attorney to help you file your paperwork.  An immigration lawyer can prevent delays in your application and risks to your rights.  


    I have people come into my office all the time who filled out their immigration paperwork wrong, received a request for additional evidence, and have a short timeline to fix it.  As I learned when I was little, it's always better to do things the right way, and an immigration lawyer can ensure that you're not in this position.


    I believe in exploring every possible angle when submitting immigration paperwork to avoid potential hurdles.  For every immigration case I submit, I do extensive research to ensure that everything is done the right way, not answer questions off-the-hip.

   I believe in making sure that your application is processed easily and without unnecessary delay.  This means ensuring that we send in your paperwork with the evidence necessary so it can be processed.  This can mean we submit a large amount of evidence, and it can take a long time to gather, but it's worth it so your application can be processed the first time without additional requests for evidence.


    An immigration attorney can also help things run smoothly in interviews for green cards or naturalization.  If necessary, I make sure we have all the evidence necessary for your immigration interview and attend with you to make sure there is no unnecessary stress.

More Information About Immigration Law

No matter whether you're defending against removal or you're looking to gain citizenship, an immigration attorney can be a critical resource.  Call me today, and let's get started on your case.

Immigration Attorney in Boston, MA

    It is tough to be a non-citizen, especially during these times when immigrants are demonized every day in politics.  I'm here to be your shield against those who would try to remove you from this country, and help you secure your right to stay in this country.


    I have helped numerous people get their green cards, get authorization to work, get visas, and get their citizenship.  I believe in doing my best to secure your right to stay in this country and build your future with your family.


    I can help with the following types of immigration cases and more:

Immigration and Criminal Defense Lawyer in Massachusetts

   If you're charged with a crime and you're not a citizen, it's critical to hire an attorney who practices both immigration and criminal law.  Being arrested and charged with a crime while you're not a citizen can mean deportation and being held by immigration authorities.

    A criminal defense attorney can help protect your immigration status if you're charged with a crime by ensuring that you don't plead guilty to something that will endanger your immigration status.  The U.S. Supreme Court has held that a criminal defense attorney must advise their clients of immigration consequences if their client is not a citizen.

   I practice both immigration law and criminal defense.  This means that if you hire me to defend your criminal case, I can help.  While I can never guarantee that you will not be deported, I can make sure you don't make a mistake and unknowingly plead guilty to something you don't know would result in your deportation.

   My office is located in Boston, but I handle immigration cases all over Massachusetts.  If you need an immigration lawyer, call me today at 617-356-8217.